Super tasty vegan veggie power bowls😋🍲



Hello again! I’m back with another recipe! I’ll be showing you how to make this delicious vegan power bowl! It has so much flavor and as always super easy to make! So lets begin!


1 cup of Spinach Leaves per serving

1 cup of Mushrooms

Chopped Tomato


Boxed Brown Red Wild Quinoa Multi-Grain Medley by minute rice

1 Can of Goya Black Beans

Avocados for fresh Guacamole

Picante Salsa

Red Onion


Bring water to a boil for the quinoa rice per package instructions

In a small saucepan add the black beans and season to taste

Place your frozen corn into a small skillet on low season to taste

Chop up your mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and spinach leaves.

Add the Minute Brown Red Wild Quinoa Multi-Grain Medley to the boiled water. It cooks in 10 minutes

Next, peel and chop your avocados and smash to your desired texture. Add in some of the chopped onions and mix well sit to the side. We will use this later.

Remove rice from the boil

Now it’s time to layer our bowls! 

Grab the chopped veggies from earlier and place your desired amount of chopped spinach leaves to the bottom of bowl. Next, scoop some of the Quinoa Rice and black beans. Top the black beans with a layer of sweet corn and add a desired amount of mushrooms, remaining red onions, and tomatoes.  Lastly, top with desired amount of the fresh Homemade guacamole and a dollop of the Picante Salsa! And Serve!

This was seriously so good! Let me know what you think 🙂

Until next time

-Ashlee K

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