The Vegan plate 🌱


Hello everyone!!  Today I want to talk about plating your meals vegan style.. It’s so important that you eat lots of nutritional veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains, and lots of fruits if you decide to switch to a plant based lifestyle. It’s so important to include as much of the foods above in your meals.  I’ve met a few girls including myself ..who started this diet and were only eating once a day or eating really tiny servings. Did you know that 1 pound of kale is only 223 calories!! Yes I said that right! And 1 pound of broccoli is only 153 calories!! So don’t be afraid to load up the plate with your veggies and fruits. One of the best part about being vegan is that you can be very generous with your portion size without feeling guilty.. and even after a heavy meal of veggies I don’t feel heavy at all… If that make a sense😶.. your body just feels better.. I’m telling you it’s amazing! Check out the example plate above and use it as a guide when preparing your meals 😊.

Until next time..

Ashlee K



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